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Four Fun Footwear Options for Your Wedding Day

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Four Fun Footwear Options for Your Wedding Day

Are you worried your wedding shoes will interfere with your ability to boogie? Maybe you’re not used to wearing heels and you’re a bit concerned you’ll break an ankle on your way down the aisle. Or maybe you just want your wedding shoes to reflect your personal style.

Don’t worry; there are many options for classy and comfortable wedding day footwear. Even if you want to wear something traditional at the altar, consider changing into more practical shoes for the reception. And these comfortable options will still be special enough to scream, “Here comes the bride!”

Six Ways to Honor a Deceased Loved One at Your Wedding

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You’re planning your wedding reception and looking forward to being surrounded by everyone you love, but what if there’s someone who can’t be there – maybe your father or a beloved aunt – because they’ve passed away? You want them to be a part of your special day, but you’re not sure how to do that – either publicly for your guests to share or privately for you alone. You want to acknowledge the importance of that person in your life without dampening the celebratory mood of your wedding.

While nothing can compare to having all of your loved ones by your side physically, honoring a deceased loved one in a way that feels true to your relationship allows that person to be there in spirit.

Planning Your Wedding During a Holiday Weekend? Consider This…

Wedding reception venues Reading PA

So, you’ve decided that your wedding will be held on the same weekend as a major holiday. Good for you! There are advantages to doing that, not the least of which is you have given yourself a built-in theme around which to plan it—if you choose to go in that direction. Another plus is that your working guests will probably have a day off from their jobs, which means extra time for them to travel or one more day to recover from the celebration.

Who Gets The Bill? Who Traditionally Pays For What?

Wedding reception venues Reading PA

Today's modern weddings can be big and extravagant. With a big wedding comes a big bill. Who pays for what? Today, a popular belief is the bride, and groom should be picking up the bill for the whole celebration. Traditionally, the family of the bride and groom would cover some of the expenses because the bride and groom were not yet on their own and may need some help starting a life together. Most of the time parents will be willing to step in and help make it a wonderful experience for the couple.

Before the argument starts with who should pay for what, let's take a look at some traditional divisions for guidelines when discussing expenses regarding your wedding.

The Bide And Her Family:

Secrets You Must Know To Survive Your Wedding Day

Wedding reception venues Reading PA

Every wedding will be different, but there are a few tips we gathered from professionals that can really help you survive the stressful time you have when planning for your big day. Always remember that this day is about you and your partner, not your guests and their wants. Stay calm and read on to learn some of the best tips shared by professionals.

Top Tips To Remember:

•    Don’t feel pressured to buy a large wedding cake.
If you find a cake that you love, get it! If it’s tiny don’t worry! Cut the wedding cake for you and your partner and have a nice sheet cake in the back that you have precut for your guests.

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