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The Do’s and Don'ts of Wedding Social Media

Wedding Planning Reading PA

You're engaged! You're thrilled and ready to take part in all of the traditional rites of passage—which includes social media in today's world.

Before you jump in, though, take some time to make sure you're observing internet etiquette—or netiquette. You may be surprised how easily a few social media updates could sour your fun.

Your Guide to Wedding Social Media Netiquette

You're excited, but before you become an over-sharer or start a family spat, read these simple tips.

Can You Please Everyone With Your Wedding Menu?

Wedding Planning Reading PA

Have you started planning your wedding menu? If so, you're probably already agonizing over how to accommodate everyone's tastes, preferences, and needs. Although the age-old "you can't please everyone" proverb holds true here, there are a few ways you can be accommodating to your guests' dietary needs.

Planning a Wedding Menu for Everyone

With the increasing awareness of food and how it affects our bodies, many people are realizing that they have food sensitivities or allergies. Others choose to abstain from certain foods for moral or personal reasons. This means that more people than ever are embracing restrictive diets that forego gluten, meat, dairy, and other foods.

3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Big Day Green

Wedding Planning Reading PA

Even as recently as ten years ago, weddings tended to be decadent affairs of stiff attention to formality and tradition. Today, many couples are embracing a simpler, more affordable, more personalized experience for their big day. One of the many upsides of this shift toward simpler weddings is that they tend to be more eco-friendly.

An Eco-Friendly Wedding Can Be an Easy Choice

If you've ever been part of a wedding-day clean-up crew, you've seen the waste. Giant plastic trash bags fill up in minutes with leftover food, paper plates and cups, flower arrangements, and unused favors. Simply put, weddings can be wasteful affairs.

How to Get to Your Wedding Day with Breath Left

Wedding Planning Reading PA

It's your wedding day. Your day. You want it to be beautiful, relaxed, enjoyable for the guests and ultimately, you just want to leave married. There is so much that goes into this day, and we at would like to offer some advice to make sure you don't arrive there out of breath without so much as the option for it taking your breath away.

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall: What Flower Is In Season?

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When you start looking at floral arraignments for your wedding and reception, you should keep in mind what flowers are in bloom in your area. Finding when and where your favorite flowers are in season, you can save money on your flowers and time you're ordering accordingly. If you haven’t made a decision on your decorative colors or style, knowing what will be available at the time of your wedding will really help you budget for your dream wedding.

We have put together a short list of popular floral choices for wedding all across America with flowers that are in season for that location:

Planning Your Wedding In The East:

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