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Unique Wedding Favors to Help Guests Remember Your Big Day

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Unique Wedding Favors to Help Guests Remember Your Big Day

Jordan almonds and butter mints are delicious, and we would never suggest you skip them, but they are consumable and you don’t want guests to forget your big day after they devour their treats. To add something truly commemorative to your wedding favors, offer guests a container for the sweets that they won’t be able to part with. Add your new last name, your wedding date, or photo to any of these containers to give guests something to hold on to.

Mini mason jars

Votive holders

Champaign flutes

Mini metal pails

Take-out boxes

If you want to go non-consumable with your wedding favors, try some of these unique wedding favor ideas.

Picking a Date: The Benefits of a Winter Wedding

Picking a Date: The Benefits of a Winter Berks County Wedding

If you work in the wedding industry, you are keenly aware that we are beginning our approach into “wedding season.” Even if you’re not in the wedding industry, you’re likely still aware of this due to the influx of save-the-dates and wedding invitations in your mailbox. Maybe you are even starting to make travel plans for weddings of friends and family members coming up in the next three to six months.

For those who are newly engaged—or will become engaged as many do when all that wedding season love is in the air—picking a wedding date is an important task, and it isn’t always simple. There is much to consider.

5 Tent Rental Tips for Your Outdoor Wedding

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5 Tent Rental Tips for Your Outdoor Wedding

Berks County is blessed with many beautiful outdoor wedding reception venues and what’s more romantic than an outdoor wedding?  Plus, the right tent can transform any outdoor space – a botanical garden, a lake side, or your own backyard - into the perfect setting for your wedding ceremony and/or reception and alleviate worries about the weather.

Here are 5 Tent Rental Tips:

How to Pick the Right DJ for your Wedding Reception

A Disc Jockey (DJ) provides more than just the music for your wedding reception – he can help set the tone, help keep it organized, and help make it a memorable event.  Your wedding reception should reflect what you want, not what the DJ wants, so take some time to choose the right DJ for you.  There are four things to consider when choosing a DJ for your wedding reception 1) the DJ’s personality, 2) the music, 3) the DJ’s level of reliability, experience, and professionalism, and 4) the cost.

The Personality of your DJ

Making a List for Wedding Events - Leading Up to the Ceremony

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Most couples have never participated in planning a wedding before. They are not familiar with all of the decisions involved. For this reason, it is important to make lists for this process. There will be certain decisions for the couple to make. Along with these are preparations necessary to have the ceremony that you want. The ceremony is the ultimate event, but there are associate events that take place during this time.

Top 3 Wedding Day Concerns – Be Prepared for this Event

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Once couples have chosen a wedding date, it is important to make necessary preparations. There are critical decisions to make that play a role in this process. Along with choosing a day for the ceremony, you will also need a venue. Depending on the time of year, there may be many different venue sites available. Seasonal weddings can be designed to embrace the time of year. The apparel, flowers and other details may reflect the season.

Planning Ahead for Your Big Day – Weddings Designed to Impress

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There are many important considerations when it comes to planning your big day. In the past, most of these things fell upon the bride’s shoulders. Today, things are much different as it relates to planning activities. Brides and grooms work together to create the perfect venue for their wedding. The events leading up to the wedding day are important, as well. Organization can help you to keep track of all of your responsibilities.

5 Things You Will Save By Hiring A Caterer

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When brides attempt to forgo the catering and try to do it themselves, they find out how hard the job really is. Many brides think they will be saving money by not hiring a caterer but what they miss the all the other benefits a professional brings to the event. It’s tempting to think you will save money by catering your own events, but there are five big things hiring a caterer will save you!

Tuxedo Vs. Suit: What’s The Difference

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It seems like there is always the argument of whether to wear a suit or tux for your wedding. Ultimately, this decision will have to be made by you, but we can help you understand the differences between the two different styles.  Let us help you understand the differences between a tuxedo and suit.


Don’t Let Unruly Guests Ruin Your Wedding

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You’ve spent months, or even years, planning the perfect wedding. You have everything planned down to the cake and bridesmaids shoes but what you may not have planned for is the off chance that some of your guests may behave badly.  When there is a celebration some of your guests may not know where to draw the line between proper party decorum and raging frat party. Don’t get overwhelmed, there are simple ways to avoid the situation and control the situation if need be.

How to prepare for a misbehaving guest:

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