9 Questions to Ask a Potential Caterer

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There's a good chance you'll spend more on your reception food than anything of aspect of your wedding, so it stands to reason that you want to get it right. But choosing the right caterer isn't just about tasting cake and choosing appetizers (although that sounds nicer than wedding planning).

Finding the right caterer requires more than just a nod at your taste buds. Here are the questions you should keep in mind when you sit down with a potential caterer.

Wedding Photography – Leave it to the Pros

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Weddings can be expensive, and you may be tempted to save a few dollars by not hiring a professional photographer. You think, “After all, everyone will be taking pictures with their cell phones anyway. We can even set those disposable cameras around for everyone. And, let’s ask Joe – who we know has a nice camera – to take pictures.”

Or, maybe a friend came up to you and said, “I have a pretty good camera; why not let me take your wedding photos for a lot less than what you would pay a professional photographer?”  They may even offer to do it for free.

Before you make that decision, consider these 4 reasons to hire a professional Reading PA photographer:

How to Create an Eco-Chic Wedding

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A green wedding is any wedding in which the couple takes measures to decrease the impact of the event on the planet. Those measures can be small – using recycled paper for your wedding invitations – or large – going completely organic from the silk of your dress to all of the food that you serve.  Every green choice makes a difference, and an Eco-Chic wedding can be just as beautiful as a conventional wedding, but with less waste.

Why Go Green?

Flea Market Wedding Shopping

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Are you drooling over the vintage-inspired weddings you see online, but not sure where to start? Here are your marching orders: set your alarm this Saturday morning, grab a cup of coffee and a comfy outfit, and hit the closest flea markets, yard sales, and antique stores. You'll find the best deals on your vintage must-haves while sifting through the dusty curiosities.

Your Guide to Wedding Flea Market Shopping

Before you start out on your vintage treasure hunt, read these tips to get the most out of your time. Some of the most popular wedding vintage items are:

6 Things You Should Know About Wedding DIYs

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Wedding DIYs are the best. They're great. They're fantastic.

That is, they are until your wedding is 48 hours away, you've slept 5 hours total over the last two days, and you can practically see guests lining up at your undecorated venue.

Cue panic.

Assuming that you're reading this more than 48 hours before your wedding, and we've caught you in time—here are a few things to keep in mind about wedding DIY.

1. DIY projects will take over your living room...your house...and your life. If you're a crafter at all, you know this is true: eating dinner at your dining room table will not be an option for months up to your wedding day.

The Do’s and Don'ts of Wedding Social Media

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You're engaged! You're thrilled and ready to take part in all of the traditional rites of passage—which includes social media in today's world.

Before you jump in, though, take some time to make sure you're observing internet etiquette—or netiquette. You may be surprised how easily a few social media updates could sour your fun.

Your Guide to Wedding Social Media Netiquette

You're excited, but before you become an over-sharer or start a family spat, read these simple tips.

Can You Please Everyone With Your Wedding Menu?

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Have you started planning your wedding menu? If so, you're probably already agonizing over how to accommodate everyone's tastes, preferences, and needs. Although the age-old "you can't please everyone" proverb holds true here, there are a few ways you can be accommodating to your guests' dietary needs.

Planning a Wedding Menu for Everyone

With the increasing awareness of food and how it affects our bodies, many people are realizing that they have food sensitivities or allergies. Others choose to abstain from certain foods for moral or personal reasons. This means that more people than ever are embracing restrictive diets that forego gluten, meat, dairy, and other foods.

There’s an app for that!

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There’s an app for that! Of-course there is and that applies to your wedding as well. That’s a good thing because there are so many moving parts in planning and executing a wedding that you need to use every tool at your disposal to ensure that your wedding goes off without a hitch. There are thousands of apps available to help you save time and money, plan the perfect wedding, capture all your special memories, and more. Honestly, finding the right app for your needs can be a challenge in itself, so we’ve narrowed that list of thousands down to our three all-time-favorite wedding apps:

Have You Planned Your Wedding Ceremony Yet?

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You're only weeks away from your big day, and things are starting to heat up. You have caterers to call and a few last decisions to make. Have you thought about your wedding ceremony yet?

Crafting the Perfect Ceremony

For many couples, the ceremony structure is an afterthought since the real party is the reception, right? But when you think about it, the ceremony should never be an afterthought. It's the part of the wedding that everyone is gathered for; it's when you shout from the rooftops that you love the person standing next to you.

Here are a few tips to get you started in crafting the perfect personalized ceremony for you and your partner.

3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Big Day Green

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Even as recently as ten years ago, weddings tended to be decadent affairs of stiff attention to formality and tradition. Today, many couples are embracing a simpler, more affordable, more personalized experience for their big day. One of the many upsides of this shift toward simpler weddings is that they tend to be more eco-friendly.

An Eco-Friendly Wedding Can Be an Easy Choice

If you've ever been part of a wedding-day clean-up crew, you've seen the waste. Giant plastic trash bags fill up in minutes with leftover food, paper plates and cups, flower arrangements, and unused favors. Simply put, weddings can be wasteful affairs.


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