5 Unique Save the Date Ideas

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With the jam-packed schedules that everyone seems to have these days, save-the-dates are an important part of your wedding planning process. The more advance notice you can provide, the better the chances that more of your friends and family will be able to attend! This is particularly true if you’re planning a destination wedding.

The following are five unique save-the-date ideas that can be customized to reflect your wedding theme.



5 Tips When Considering a Horse and Carriage for your Wedding

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Dreaming of a magical Cinderella-like wedding? What could be more magical and grander than arriving in an elegant carriage drawn by a beautiful horse?!

Most horse and carriage companies offer a variety of carriage options to suit your own individual tastes. Some carriages may be completely enclosed to protect you against less-than-optimal weather conditions – a good choice for winter months and for chilly spring or fall evening weddings. But remember that most carriages are not temperature controlled, so a completely enclosed carriage may be too hot in the heart of summer; whereas, an open air carriage allows for plenty of air flow.

How can Time of Year, Day of the Week, and Time of Day Affect the Cost of Your Wedding?

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It will come as no surprise that May thru October are the most popular wedding months. During these months, vendors will book quickly and will often charge higher rates for their services. While some couples are attached to a specific month for sentimental or scheduling reasons, others may decide to take advantage of the “off” months to try to save money.

Top 5 Wedding Cake Trends of 2016

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If you’re looking for something a little different for your wedding cake, check out these trends for 2016:

1. Naked Cakes

For all of those frosting haters out there, this is the cake for you! Naked cakes allow their layers to be exposed by eliminating all, or, at least, the outer layer, of icing thus showing off the true beauty of the layered cake’s natural look. The layers of the cake are often filled with seasonal fruits and fillings to add to the exquisiteness of the cake display. One thing to keep in mind when choosing this type of cake is it presents itself in a raw and informal nature, much different from your traditional frosted cake, so be sure that it is a true fit and representation of your overall wedding theme.

5 Ways to Make Choosing Your Wedding Colors a Breeze!

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You would think that choosing your wedding color scheme would be a piece of cake. You know your favorite color – right? But, it may not be that simple, and you may find that it’s easier said than done. Your color scheme helps set the mood for your wedding, making it one of the biggest decisions you will make.

Here are 5 tips to help you decide the perfect color scheme to create the wedding of your dreams:




1. Think Seasonally One of the easiest ways to choose a color is to relate it to the season in which your wedding will be held. The following are the top color schemes by season for 2016:

Top 5 Hottest Trends in Wedding Photography for 2016

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After months – or sometimes years – of planning, many brides find their special day is over all too quickly, and they’re left with only the memories – and, of course, the photographs. Here are 5 wedding photography trends that can make your wedding more fun and memorable and help capture your special day!

Top 5 Wedding Expenses and 3 that can sneak up on you!

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It’s no secret that weddings cost money – sometimes lots of money. Yes, of course, you want it to be a special day and there are certain things you don’t want to (nor should you) scrimp on, but almost every bride finds herself faced with a wedding budget. Here are some of the top wedding expenses to consider.

Destination Weddings – Is it the Right Choice for You?

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Destination weddings are becoming wildly popular, with 1 out of every 4 wedding receptions being held at a special location away from the bride and/or groom’s hometown. Las Vegas, Hawaii, and the U.S. Virgin Islands are some of the most popular destinations.

Destination weddings allow you to pick a place that is special to you as a couple or possibly just a place that you have always dreamed of visiting! It’s also a great way to include the honeymoon and possibly save a few dollars.

Helpful Tips for Attending a Bridal Show

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We've produced a few bridal shows in our time and thought it might be helpful to provide some advice for attending a bridal show.These are just a few useful tips to help you get the most out of attending a bridal show.

First tip - Let's define what a bridal show is.

Bridal shows are gatherings of vendors who serve the bridal market. You'll find all types of vendors there including photographers, DJs, florists, cake vendors, etc. They have all paid to be present at a particular show and are hoping to be able to sell you their product or service. They will want to talk with you and possibly have you book their service for your wedding date.

Negotiating the Best Price for Lodging for Your Wedding Guests

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If you want to ensure that your wedding guests have a place to stay that’s convenient to your wedding reception venue, reserving a block of hotel rooms is the answer. It’s also a way of getting a discounted rate, which you can then pass along to your guests.

There are some things you need to keep in mind before you set out to reserve the rooms: proximity to your wedding reception, amenities and, of course, price. If you happen to be getting married at a venue that also has accommodations, this should be your starting point. Ask the venue manager about room rates and possibly a discount for your guests who reserve early.


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