Planning a Wedding in Berks on a Budget

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Planning a wedding in Berks County with budget limitations doesn’t always mean you have to cut corners. Berks County offers numerous wedding reception facilities that are indoor, often include the necessary tables and chairs, clean rest rooms, and handicap access.

3 Tips to Make Choosing Bridesmaids Dresses a Piece of Cake

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You’ve found your dress – THE dress that makes you feel beautiful and special on one of the most important days of your life – your Berks County wedding day.  Now it’s time to find the perfect dress for each of your bridesmaids. Keep in mind that this task may be a little more challenging. With your gown, you only had to please one person – you (okay maybe a mother or mother-in-law too). With the bridesmaid's dresses you’ll be trying to please yourself (to ensure that they match the tone of your wedding and coordinate well with your dress) and all your bridesmaids.

It can be a challenge, but here are three tips to make choosing bridesmaids dresses a piece of cake!

Recently Engaged?

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Recently engaged? Congratulations!

Once you take that ginormous step it seems like your head begins to swim with all kinds of thoughts about planning your wedding. Take comfort in knowing that despite all that planning a wedding encompasses it’s been done successfully by many for many years. We’d like to think we know a thing or two about wedding planning and we know many others right here in Berks County who are professionals in their respective careers and serve the wedding industry. You’ll find many articles right here on Berks County Weddings dot com helping to keep you informed about wedding trends. You can also view many local wedding vendors who will gladly assist you in making the right choice for your wedding needs.

Wedding Ceremony Music Options

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Music can get you through a tough workout at the gym. It can calm you down after a stressful day. It can bring you to tears. The emotional effect of music is undeniable, so it’s a good idea to consider all of your options when choosing the music for your wedding ceremony.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so we’re here to break it down a little for you.

The Basics

3 Questions You May not Think to Ask Your Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue – whether it’s an elegant hotel ballroom or a rustic old barn – will have an enormous impact on the tone of your wedding. It is one of the most important decisions you’ll make about your wedding, and there are some obvious questions that you will ask: How much will it cost and what’s included? But when you’re in the thick of your wedding planning and you’re busy making all the big decisions, it’s the little details that often get overlooked.

Here are three questions you should (but may not have thought to) ask before you book your wedding venue.

Wedding Videography Today

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Imagine this… Your usually shy brother delivers the most beautiful and heartfelt toast you’ve ever heard. It brings tears of joy to you and every guest with a heartbeat in the room - even your crotchety old Uncle Carl. The good news is that your photographer will capture images of your brother holding up his champagne glass and hopefully your reaction to it. But the truth is that only a video can capture the words and the emotion of that beautiful toast.

5 Tips to Make the Most out of a Bridal Show

Berks Bridal Expo Fair

For some brides, the mountain of decisions required to plan a wedding can be overwhelming, but we encourage you not to stress too much and to learn how to enjoy the process. This is your special day; you should have fun planning it!

A bridal show (Aka fair or expo) is a great way to make the process easier and more fun. You get a slew of vendors all under one roof who are eager to speak with you, show you examples of their products or services, and offer all kinds of advice. It would take months to see all the businesses that you can meet in one day at a bridal show.

Here are 5 tips to ensure that you have the most enjoyable and productive experience at a Bridal Show:

Stocking Your Wedding Bar: 3 Options

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Stocking Your Wedding Bar: 3 Options

Wedding receptions are a celebration of your marriage, and like many celebrations (or parties) that usually means serving alcohol. Here are three options to consider when stocking your wedding bar.

Option 1 – Bride & Groom Stock the Bar

A good caterer can help determine how much alcohol you’ll need, but unless your wedding guests consist of mostly heavy or light drinkers, a good rule to follow is two to three drinks per person during your cocktail hour and one drink per person for each hour after that. You can use the following information to ensure that you purchase the correct amount of alcohol for your guests:

5 Top Wedding Dress Trends for 2017

What’s hot? What’s not? Like all fashion, bridal gown trends are constantly changing and evolving. Want to stay on top of what’s going on? Here are five top wedding dress trends for 2017.

1. The many shades of pink! Pink brides dresses, whether blush or vibrant, are all the rage this season. Moving away from the traditional white and off white dresses, gives you a chance to stand out from the crowd. Can’t envision yourself in head-to-toe pink? How about just accenting your dress with pink appliques or maybe even pink heels!

5 Unique Ways to Use Flowers in your Wedding

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For decades brides have been using flowers in their bouquets, in their hair, and down the aisle. These are all tried-and-true options that help make a wedding a special and beautiful occasion, but many brides are looking for new and different ways to use flowers to enhance their weddings. Here are five unique ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding:


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