Secrets You Must Know To Survive Your Wedding Day

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Every wedding will be different, but there are a few tips we gathered from professionals that can really help you survive the stressful time you have when planning for your big day. Always remember that this day is about you and your partner, not your guests and their wants. Stay calm and read on to learn some of the best tips shared by professionals.

Top Tips To Remember:

•    Don’t feel pressured to buy a large wedding cake.
If you find a cake that you love, get it! If it’s tiny don’t worry! Cut the wedding cake for you and your partner and have a nice sheet cake in the back that you have precut for your guests.

Get The Music Started! Band or DJ?

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Ambiance sets the mood for your wedding and reception. Music is a big part of your ambiance and the options are endless! When it comes to deciding what works best for your big day you should keep some very important facts in mind:

  • Location
  • Floor plan
  • Budget
  • Guest demographics 

Keep an open mind when making your selection; you would be surprised to see how professionals can accommodate your needs. Before you start contacting professionals, you will want to do some research and have an idea of what you want.

Before you get too excited you should have these subjects narrowed down:



5 Things You Will Save By Hiring A Caterer

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When brides attempt to forgo the catering and try to do it themselves, they find out how hard the job really is. Many brides think they will be saving money by not hiring a caterer but what they miss the all the other benefits a professional brings to the event. It’s tempting to think you will save money by catering your own events, but there are five big things hiring a caterer will save you!

Tuxedo Vs. Suit: What’s The Difference

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It seems like there is always the argument of whether to wear a suit or tux for your wedding. Ultimately, this decision will have to be made by you, but we can help you understand the differences between the two different styles.  Let us help you understand the differences between a tuxedo and suit.


Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall: What Flower Is In Season?

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When you start looking at floral arraignments for your wedding and reception, you should keep in mind what flowers are in bloom in your area. Finding when and where your favorite flowers are in season, you can save money on your flowers and time you're ordering accordingly. If you haven’t made a decision on your decorative colors or style, knowing what will be available at the time of your wedding will really help you budget for your dream wedding.

We have put together a short list of popular floral choices for wedding all across America with flowers that are in season for that location:

Planning Your Wedding In The East:

Don’t Let Unruly Guests Ruin Your Wedding

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You’ve spent months, or even years, planning the perfect wedding. You have everything planned down to the cake and bridesmaids shoes but what you may not have planned for is the off chance that some of your guests may behave badly.  When there is a celebration some of your guests may not know where to draw the line between proper party decorum and raging frat party. Don’t get overwhelmed, there are simple ways to avoid the situation and control the situation if need be.

How to prepare for a misbehaving guest:

Top List Of Do’s And Don’ts For Your Wedding

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Every family has their own traditions, and every wedding will be different but there are a few guidelines you should try to stick to when it comes to your big day. Always remember that this day is about you and your partner. Your wedding is a celebration of your love, not your guests. Enjoy your wedding and reception by using these top tips to avoid stress and make the most of your big day!


Top Don’ts for your wedding day:

Top Tips For Your Wedding Flowers

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Your floral arrangements take some planning, and we want to make sure you take into account the many different factors you should be thinking about before you buy anything. Having a professional on your side when planning and making arrangements helps more than you could imagine, so we collected the top tips professional wedding florists would love to share with brides to be! Follow these tips to reduce the stress of ordering your floral arrangements.


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