You Said Yes! Now What?

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You Said Yes! Now What?

How exciting!! Your significant other asked you to spend the rest of your life with them, and you said yes! You’re about to start the rest of your life together, and this journey is going to be awesome. You have so much on your mind. You want to start planning, start announcing the engagement, decide the color of flowers, decide your colors, what will you wear? So much is going on in your head you can’t even think straight.

Don’t worry we have your back. We have come up with the first 11 things you need to do after you say yes.

1.    Call Your Family And Close Friends
You need to take the time to personally inform the important people in your life. So many fights start because you post an announcement on social media before you call and inform your family. Your mom should not hear about your engagement from your nosy childhood neighbor; she should hear it from you. This is a special moment for you and your family.

2.    Get Your Ring Insured And Sized
You will cry your heart out if you lose your ring down the drain, lose a diamond in the dish water, or worse yet have your ring stolen. Make sure you insure the ring right away to avoid any issues. Your significant other may have guessed pretty close to your ring size but if it doesn’t fit correctly, you could damage the ring or lose it. Rings are so expensive, and you will not want to purchase another ring because you didn’t take the 10 minutes to insure it.

3.    Get your Nails Done
You will be showing off that ring for a while. Everyone will be looking at your hand and touching your hand. Getting your nails done gives you a moment to relax and share the story of your engagement with your friends. Trust us, you will not regret taking a moment to relax and to have a hand that shines just as bright as your ring.

4.    Take A Breath And Smile
You have all the time in the world to stress over planning your wedding. You just got engaged. Take a moment to smile with your fiancé and take in the moment. You just agreed to spend the rest of your life together, start by being in the moment together. 

5.    Share Ideas
Take a moment to share your wedding dreams with your partner and take time to listen to his ideas. Keep an open mind. When you start signing up for wedding information make sure you open a shared email account to store all the ideas and information. You don’t want important communication landing in your spam box or getting lost in your personal email.

6.    Add It All Up
Do you have a wedding fund? Do you need to sit down and plan out a savings plan for your wedding? How many people do you plan on inviting? Will you be doing an engagement party? You need to figure out a plan to attack all of your ideas. Start from the beginning and work towards your big day.

7.    Hiring A Planner
Before you pick your venue and your date, hire a wedding planner. These professionals know the best places to get married, the best vendors in the area and the best deals. Weddings are their life; take advantage of their knowledge.

8.    Pick A Venue
Your venue is usually the first step in your planning. Do you want an outdoor wedding? If so you will need to think about setting a date in warm weather months. Do you have a theme? If you want a country themed wedding, you will want to look into large barns. Your venue is the best place to start with your wedding planning

9.    Get Organized
Who is volunteering their time to help? What information do you need to make a decision? Have a calendar that is specifically for your wedding needs. Set deadlines for all of your planning and stick with it. Have a savings account setup specifically for your wedding funds, so you know what your budget looks like, and financing doesn’t get out of hand.

10.    Book Your Vendors and Venue
There is nothing worse then coming down to the last days before your big day to find out the caterer you love is booked that day, the venue you wanted is booked for that full month, or your bridesmaid cannot get a seat on the only flight that day.

11.    Check Out Bridal Expos
Your wedding planner is going to ask you what you want, what you like, and what you hate. The worst thing you could say is “I don’t know.” Check your local listings for bridal expos in your area to learn about the new trends and meet some of the local vendors. Take a notepad and pen and take notes of what you like and what you hate. Collect business cards so you can research the vendor after the show and contact them if you want to talk about booking them.