Wedding Catering: Buffet or Sit-Down?

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If you have decided to serve food at your reception, you might be torn between seated dining and family buffet, but what about combining the two? It’s your wedding; you can get creative with it. You can have a main dish prepared and served to your seated guests and have your desserts set out buffet style. You can have your drinks served by waiters but have appetizers laid out buffet style.

There is no right or wrong answer to the question of sit-down or buffet; we have gathered some things you should keep in mind while you make your decision:

Buffet Style Dinning

The option of buffet style catering takes the stress out of guessing what everyone will eat by offering multiple main dishes and sides. Take the guesswork out of what your guests will eat by having them pick their own food options.

If you are planning on having a standing reception buffet style dinning might be your best option. You have the option of having finger foods and small dishes over a large seated meal.

Buffet style catering encourages your guests to eat as they party. If you are planning on serving alcohol, we suggest having food accessible at all times to help your guests not over do it while celebrating.

Buffet style dining is commonly seen as a more casual dining atmosphere. You don’t have to go overboard with the food selection, and people can eat as they feel hungry.

If your guests surprise you with bringing a date or two to your wedding, you won't be caught without a plate for their guests.

Sit-Down Platted Dining 

Seated dining helps avoid lines and having people cluster around food. Seated dining encourages better conversation settings for your guests. Remember that there are two families coming together for your event, they ay need some help with introductions.

Sit-Down dinners help avoid any accidents like dropped food and drinks. If you are renting a reception room, you don’t want to lose your deposit because of stains from your guests eating habits.

Seated dining allows for control over the scheduled events. If you have your wedding scheduled down to the last minute, you can help keep everything on track with served food. 

A plated meal offers an uniform experience for your guests and helps you control the guest list. Having your food served to your guests eliminates wait time for their meals and eliminates the problem of not having enough of a popular item as guests at the end of the line reach the buffet line.

Catering doesn’t have to be stressful, remember that your guests are at your wedding to celebrate with you! Let your personality show with your catering style. 

Check out our vendors for more catering ideas!