Top Tips For Your Wedding Flowers

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Your floral arrangements take some planning, and we want to make sure you take into account the many different factors you should be thinking about before you buy anything. Having a professional on your side when planning and making arrangements helps more than you could imagine, so we collected the top tips professional wedding florists would love to share with brides to be! Follow these tips to reduce the stress of ordering your floral arrangements.

Take A Comprehensive Look At The Shop – Interview the floral designer and make an appointment to check out the shop. Take a good look around and note if the shop is clean or cluttered, and how many employees there are. Make sure the designer you interview with is the person making your wedding floral arrangements.

Inquire About The Florists Previous Work – Ask your florist if they have worked with the venue or location you have chosen for your big day. If they have done work in that location ask for pictures and recommendations for sizes and colors that go well with your chosen location. If your designer has not worked with that location, you can ask the designer to check out the area and make recommendations for your arrangements.

Know What Is In Season – Flowers have a specific season, but this does not mean you won’t be able to order out of season flowers; it means you will pay a lot more. Also keep in mind that if you are getting married around a holiday you may be spending more for your flowers. Roses are always more expensive in February because of Valentine’s Day.

Keep Labor Costs In Mind – Most brides learn that the most expensive part of hiring a florist is the labor charges.  Opting for less labor-intensive arrangements that can be used during the wedding and the reception will keep your labor costs down. Your bridesmaids’ flowers can be used as centerpieces or as decorations for the buffet tables.

Bring Your Colors To The Shop – Most brides have made a color scheme for their wedding decorations, and your floral designer should be able to work with any color you give them but they must know the exact colors. One designers’ idea of teal is different from another designer. Bring in a sample swatch for your designer to work with or even pictures of the bridesmaids dress.

Size Does Matter – Take into account that you will be holding your bouquet, and you do not want it to be too heavy or hard to handle. Your beautiful bridesmaids dresses shouldn’t be lost in a large floral arrangement, and you don’t want to a slim arrangement to get lost in the ruffles of your dress.

Plan To Stop And Smell The Flowers – The last thing you want is to have an allergic reaction to your own wedding bouquet. Some flowers can overpower the smell of other flowers. Make sure your arrangements are not too powerful and test your floral arrangement for any sneezing, redness, or runny nose.

Prepare For Water and Wilting - If you plan to keep your arrangements in water before the ceremony or have them misted for the freshest look, keep in mind that your flowers will make a mess with water. Make sure to wipe the stems of your flowers before handing them out for the ceremony; you don’t want water dripping down your bridesmaid’s dresses. Remember to keep your flowers out of direct sunlight to reduce wilting.

Plan Ahead For Photo Ops – Plan to have your flowers delivered the same time as your photographer shows up to reduce any chances of wilted flower pictures. Remove any wilted blooms and lightly mist the top of your flowers to make the colors pop and help the flowers look freshly cut.

Toss The Traditional Bouquet Toss – You do not have to give up your bridal bouquet for the traditional brides bouquet toss. Most brides opt to have their designer make a similar bouquet for the toss. The bouquet doesn’t have to be as big or elaborate as your bouquet, save money and ask for a smaller bouquet to toss.

Follow these tips to get the most out of your wedding florist and flower arrangements while still staying within your budget. If you are still looking for the perfect florist check out our vendors or contact us today.