Secrets You Must Know To Survive Your Wedding Day

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Every wedding will be different, but there are a few tips we gathered from professionals that can really help you survive the stressful time you have when planning for your big day. Always remember that this day is about you and your partner, not your guests and their wants. Stay calm and read on to learn some of the best tips shared by professionals.

Top Tips To Remember:

•    Don’t feel pressured to buy a large wedding cake.
If you find a cake that you love, get it! If it’s tiny don’t worry! Cut the wedding cake for you and your partner and have a nice sheet cake in the back that you have precut for your guests.

•    Remember that veils are very light and can blow around.
Holding your veil in place doesn’t just stop at your hair. You can find veil weights in all shapes and sizes to add to the bottom of your veil to keep it from flying into your face.

•    Make an email address dedicated to your wedding plans.
You don’t want important wedding communication to get lost in your personal email, and you don’t want to be distracted at work by using your work email. This make sit so much easier to keep everything organized.

•    Mark your invitations for the wedding, reception, and bachelor/bachelorette party.
People are busy. When you RSVP for your event, they may not fill out the invitation in full. Don’t get stuck trying to figure out whom RSVP’d but didn’t write their name on the card. Numbering the invitations helps you avoid trying to decode something messy handwriting.

•    Protect your ankles with a simple slip on heel protection.
If you plan on being outside or on grass for your wedding or reception, you will want to invest in this cheap trick to avoid sinking in the grass. There have been many brides that have twisted their ankles because their heels sink in the grass as they walk.

Reduce stress with these tricks and don’t forget to contact any of our professionals if you have any questions or concerns.