Not Your Grandmother’s Wedding: How Technology is Enhancing Weddings

Not Your Grandmother’s Wedding: How Technology is Enhancing Weddings

Many wedding traditions we use today date back to ancient times and have stood the test of time. But it can be a lot of fun to bring some 21st century technology into your big day. Here are some fun, techie ideas for your wedding.

Create a hashtag. Many couples are creating wedding hashtags so their guests can connect on social media and share photos and wedding day wishes. To come up with original hashtag, give yourselves a celebrity couple name or incorporate your name, date, or venue. It can be a lot of fun for the couple to search their hashtag after the wedding to see what all their guests were up to and to see if they caught any moments the photographer missed.

Share a photo and video montage. An alternative to the display of bride and groom baby photos and photos documenting the couple’s relationship; videos are a fun way to show your guests how awkward you were as a kid. Since most people getting married these days grew up in the age of affordable home video options, it’s easy to share your love story with your guests.

Use the Internet for RSVP. You can still send out beautiful vellum-layered announcements with envelopes hand addressed in calligraphy, but many guests are thankful for an accompanying e-vite or some kind of electronic means of RSVPing. Stamps are expensive, and these days, stopping by the post office can be a chore. Couples who go electronic will likely get faster responses and can nudge invitees with reminders as the RSVP deadline approaches.

Get married online. No, you can’t exchange vows in cyberspace…yet. But for friends and family members who can’t make it to your wedding, let them view it in real time via Skype or other video conferencing options.

Make a video guest book. Instead of a traditional guestbook, set up a camera and let guests record their well wishes and funny stories of you. Years from now, it will be much more entertaining to watch video of guests on their third glass of champagne, rather than trying to make out the handwriting of guests on their third glass of champagne.