Jittery About Reciting Vows? These Tips Can Help!

berks county wedding couple

Jittery About Reciting Vows? These Tips Can Help.

A typical wedding in the US has about 175 guests.

More people put their fear of public speaking above their fear of dying.

These facts are juxtaposed because we can reasonably assume that not every Berks County bride and groom is going to feel perfectly comfortable standing up in front of 175 people to exchange their vows.

However, there are many solutions to overcome this anxiety, and no, we aren’t going to tell you to picture your guests naked. Your grandparents are out there.

Solution: Stick with traditional vows. You’ll feel less nervous with the officiant cuing you.

Solution: Exchange vows privately. If you aren’t comfortable getting through the very personal promises you want to make to your spouse in front of a couple hundred people and you opt to stick with the traditional vows, schedule time alone with your spouse later to exchange the special vows you wrote for each other.

Solution: Have fun with it. If getting mushy in front of all those people freaks you out, use a little humor. If you’re afraid people will laugh at your serious vows (THEY WON’T, but) you can alleviate your fears by knowing that they’ll laugh with you.

Solution: Write them down. No one says you have to have this thing perfectly rehearsed. If it will help you feel at ease, write you vows, clearly and legible so you don’t get flustered, and read your vows from your piece of paper.

It’s your day; you should feel at ease. When it comes to your vows, do what makes you comfortable and happy. Don’t worry about what other people think because there is only one person who matter in that moment, and that’s the person standing at the altar with you.

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