Can You Have An Adult Only Wedding or Reception?

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Children are so adorable at weddings; they have the cutest outfits, and they can land the recording of your wedding day on America’s Funniest Home Videos. Your dream reception venue can have limited space; wedding catering can be quite expensive, and event rentals can limit your guest list. You may love kids but how do you ask your guest to leave the little ones at home? First off, it is not an unreasonable request to have an adult only wedding but you will need to be careful about how you communicate this request to your guest. Most brides leave it to their planner to spread the word, but if you are planning your own wedding, you will need to know how politely to request no children at the wedding or reception.

Here is how to approach this situation:

Do not write “no kids” on your lovely, and expensive, wedding invitation. Remember that invitations are popular for guests to make scrapbooks and event collages. You don’t want the horror story of having awkwardly worded invitations that lead to hundreds of questions and phone calls from your guests. Try to address the invitation with only the adults’ names to let the guest know you are only inviting the adults.

Watch your RSVP returns. When you start to get the returned RSVP from your guests watch the names that appear. If you see that they have reserved a spot for their children or write “party of 6” after their name, simply call the guest and clarify your wishes. Do not call and just state that their children are not invited; start with: “I wanted to call to let you know I did receive your RSVP. We are excited to have you join us; however, John and I have decided to have an adult's only reception.” Do not cave for one guest and not the rest; it is unfair to your guests.

You can plan for stubborn guest that won't leave their children at home. There’s one in every group that cannot leave their child at home or refuse to follow directions. The best way to address the issue of guest still bringing children is to provide a babysitter in a back room or close location. If you are having your reception at a hotel or event center, you can hire a babysitter to watch the children in a different room or provide the parents with a baby sitters contact information for the day of the event to arrange a sitter.

It’s not terrible manners to request adults only wedding or reception. Take the awkwardness out of the situation by clearly stating your wishes. If you are searching for reception venues to fit your guest list, please visit our reception page. How do you feel about adult only weddings?