5 Guests You Should Never Invite to Your Wedding

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Your wedding day is a special time you plan to spend with family and friends. More than not, you feel obligated to invite more people than you originally planned for. If you have a destination wedding, it’s even harder to slim down your wedding invites while not hurting anyone’s feelings. You might be getting betrothed on a budget, and the last thing you want to do is starting your marriage off with a fight over invitations and guests.

That being said; we have made a list of five guests you should never invite to your wedding or reception to avoid any problems.

•    Anyone Who Does Not Support Your Decisions.
Let’s face it; you will never make everyone happy. Your wedding day is about you and your partner. If you have someone in your life that is not 100% supportive of your decision to get married, they should not be invited. This is one of the few times it is ok to hurt someone’s feelings by not inviting them to your celebration. This includes friends and family. If they cannot be happy for you, they will make your celebration miserable.

•    Former Lovers Of Either Side.
We should be more specific, anyone who you or your partner had relations with should not be invited either. This is the best way to keep from having an embarrassing situation with your partner’s ex-lovers. The only exceptions to this rule would be if you or your partner’s ex-lover who is married to a mutual close friend or family member. By this time, you should be over each other.

•    Coworkers.
You may love your job, and you get along just fine with your coworkers but if you are not good friends outside of work, do not invite them. If you do end up inviting a coworker or two, keep it very discreet. The workplace can be a touchy place, and you don’t want to start drama. You have enough stress planning your wedding; you don’t need stress at work.

•    That Crazy Party Friend Or Family Member.
We all have them. The people that we love to party with but would never want to be seen in a professional setting with. If you have a person in your life that cannot behave themselves around alcohol or parties, it’s ok to not invite them. One bad, out of control, apple can ruin the party. Don’t feel bad, there will be another time you can celebrate your wedding with them that won’t ruin your reception. 

•    Revenge Dates.
There may be a relationship that has recently ended within your family or close friends. Wedding planners call guest that brings a date to make a former partner jealous a “revenge plus one.” This is not an acceptable plus one guest to bring to the wedding or reception. It is perfectly acceptable to deny a request to bring a date you know is invited only to cause drama.

You are spending a lot of time planning your wedding. From the perfect venue down to the flowers and professional catering; you want this to be a memorable date. Don’t feel pressured to invite guests that you know will make the event more memorable for their drama then for your celebration of love.

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