5 Bridal Shower Alternatives

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5 Bridal Shower Alternatives

If you want to shake things up and give your guests a bit more than crust-less cucumber sandwiches and bridal shower games, there are many other fun, classy ways to celebrate your upcoming nuptials--that are appropriate for grandmas and the future M.I.L., of course.

1. Put the Ladies to Work.

It can be a lot of fun to spend the day creating your wedding centerpieces and making wedding candies that will serve as favors for your guests. This fun day of crafts and cooking with the ladies will also help cross a few things off the wedding to-do list. Have your bridal party get prepared and have all the supplies you’ll need ready so it can be a fun, stress-free day of Martha Stewart-ing.

2. Make it an Outing.

Instead of making one of your bridesmaids or family members prepare her home for your 20 best friends and countless cousins, plan an outing. Horseback riding, wine tasting, golf, pottery painting, or amusement parks make for fun activities for a bridal shower. When you send out the invites, be sure to let everyone know what kind of costs will be associated with the outing so they can be prepared.

3. Get Pampered.

If you’ll have too many guests to fit into a nail salon, ask everyone to bring their favorite nail colors so all your guests can give each other manicures. You can also use this day to let everyone try different makeup looks for the big day. Consider adding mobile spray tanning to the pampering options so you and your bridal party can look sun kissed for your wedding day.

4. Have a photo shoot.

On the big day, with everything going on, it can be difficult to make sure you get photos with every guest and every family member. Get a head start on the wedding album by inviting the photographer to the shower to make sure you get lots of photos with your best gals. For some added fun, pick up some terrible thrift store wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses, and have a funny photo session.

5. Dance Party!

It’s always a good time when you create a playlist of all the songs that make you want to dance, and just have a fun day of dancing and being silly. You may also take this opportunity to invite an instructor to go over some basic moves so everyone can feel comfortable dancing at the wedding. If you really want to get crazy, choreograph a little routine for your bridal party to perform and your wedding video could go viral.